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Year 2015 [Past]: 25000+ Participants, 900+ Schools, 1000 Prizes + Certificates. Some Schools with 300+ Participants.

Year 2016 [Past]: 50000+ Participants, 1200+ Schools, 1000 Prizes + Certificates. Some Schools with 500+ Participants.

[Anyone can participate Independently or through School/College]

 Registrations start every year from 08-June 



1. English Cursive Writing (EW)

2. Hindi Hand Writing (HW)

3. Craft Work- Best Out of Waste (CW)

4. Clay or Chalk Art (CA)

5. Drawing and Painting (DP)

6. Logo N Slogan (LS)

7. Short Story – Anecdote (SA)

8. English Communication Skills (EC)

9. Poem Writing (PW)

10. Your Views (YV)

All our competitions are REALTIME & ONLINE ~ It's Amazing Simple to Participate : You Pay for the Competition(s), Get Registration/Serial No(s), Download the respective Competition .PDF copy(s), Perform the Competition activity, Submit us the <Your Serial No.PDF/JPEG> SCAN Colourful .PDF Copy(s).

All the above competitions are self explanatory by their names or understood through themes/topics on Competitions Entry Copies (.PDF)

The Activities/Themes of each competition are clearly described on Competitions Entry Copies (.PDF) available at Download Copies



For all the Competitions and both Groups :-

WINNERS : A cash prize of  INR 100000 ( Rupees One Lakh) / USD 2000 + Gold Medal (10 Gms, 24 karat Gold)  + Certificate + Lot many branded Gifts (Wrist Watches, T-Shirts, Caps, Bags – Laptop / College, Coffee Mugs, Compass box set / Pen-Set , Tiffin box, Notepads… etc)

1000 Certificates + Prizes for VERY GOOD PERFORMANCE

Assured Prize + Certificate for every School with minimum TWENTY participants.

Jobs and Awards for School Principals, Teachers (Coordinators), Students and Others. Check on the website home page:   Jobs@Akisekaedu



Group 1 – Juniors [ EW1, HW1, CW1, CA1, DP1, LS1, SA1, EC1, PW1, YV1 ]  : 

Age below 10 years (those born on or after 08-June-2007). No minimum age limit.

Group 2 –  Seniors [ EW2, HW2, CW2, CA2, DP2, LS2, SA2, EC2, PW2, YV2 ]  : 

Age above 10 years (those born before 08-June-2007).  Maximum age limit is 22 years as on 08-June-2017.



The Candidates need to pay the following Registration Fees.

The Registration Fees for ONE candidate and ONE competition:

For participants in India INR 600

For participants outside India/Overseas USD 12

* The above fees is for first 25000 Registrations.  After that the fees will change to INR 1100 or USD 20

Pay as per the Competition Registration charges (as per your convenient or any preferred currency/options)

Pay the amounts in One Go (Not in parts).

@ e-payment: For Instant Payments & Fast Registrations:

All the payments can be made through:

A. PayPal ( on our e-mail Id: (Check & Pay the correct Registration Fee or Product Price)

B. Gateway Payment (CCAvenue – Gateway Payment: Payment in INR & USD available.

Supports: 1. All National/International Master/Visa/Maestro/RuPay/American-Express/Amex/JCB… Debit/Credit/Prepaid/Cash Cards  2. Net Banking  3. Mobile Payment  4. Wallet …etc by PayPal: & CCAvenue – Gateway Payment:

Other Payment Methods:

Pay in favour of  :  Akiseka Technologies Private Limited

SBI and ICICI Bank BRANCH : Kharadi, City- Pune, India – 411014


You can pay through Cheque/DD/Online-Net/Bank-Transfers (NEFT/RTGS ..etc)/Cash/Western-Union. Or any of your preferable method not listed here.
In case of DD & Courier loss/delay/follow-ups we won't be able to take the responsiblities.

Please visit nearby State Bank Of India (SBI) or ICICI Bank and directly deposit Cash/Cheque(s) in the A/c and quote the Cheque No. / attach Cash Slip (scanned copy / soft copy) / Online payment Transaction Id in 'Get Your Serial No. [Step 1]' form.

For all Country Currencies:

Bank Name : State Bank Of India (SBI)
Bank A/c No. : 35065678222
IFSC Code : SBIN0013527
Swift Code : SBININBB238

For Currency – Indian Rupees (INR) :

Bank Name : ICICI
Bank A/c No.: 196705500633
IFSC Code :  ICIC0001967
Swift Code : ICICINBB005

For Currency – Japanese Yen (JPY) ¥:

Bank Name : ICICI
Bank A/c No. :  196706000009
IFSC Code :  ICIC0001967        
Swift Code : ICICINBB005

For Currency – Euro (EUR) €:

Bank Name : ICICI
Bank A/c No. :  196706000010
IFSC Code :  ICIC0001967    
Swift Code : ICICINBB005

For Currency – US Dollar (USD) $:

Bank Name : ICICI
Bank A/c No. :  196706000011
IFSC Code :  ICIC0001967
Swift Code : ICICINBB005

For Currency – Great Britain Pound (GBP) £:

Bank Name : ICICI
Bank A/c No. :  196706000012
IFSC Code :  ICIC0001967
Swift Code : ICICINBB005

You can send Demand Draft (DD) to the below Address :

Akiseka Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ganga Constella,
Near EON IT park,
Pune – 411014.

Please Note :

  • Registration Fees are taken before hand to avoid alloting Serial Numbers to Bulk- Non-Serious candidates, who after many follow ups don't pay or submit their competition copies.
  • The Registration Fees also borne the cost of our Office Rentals, IT-Operations, Payments – Staff/Expert-Panel/Marketing Executives/Advertisements/Courier-Services/High speed Internet/Telephone usage and many more.
  • These competitions requires manual examining/verifying each copy thoroughly by a panel of Experts/Teachers/Lecturers/Principals, and cannot be automatically evaluated by computers
  • Although we are working online we communicate with every individual candidate, sms them incase of invalid-entries/issues/selection ..etc.

Step 1.  Get Your Serial No.

Fill your (Candidate's) details in the form "Get your Serial No."  You will receive an acknowledgement mail immediately with subject "Thanks ! We have received your request for Sr. No". Check your Inbox/Spam folder. Wait for 30 minutes, if you don't receive this email then your email id is not Valid, Re-apply with correct email id.

Fill only one form for one competition. You can participate in all the competitions of your age/group.

You will receive an email with your "Serial No." and a link to download your Competition .PDF File from the website – Global Competitions –> Download Entry Copies Link :

1. 1  Print the .PDF file copy
1. 2  Perform theactivity by self on the hardcopy (printed / paper copy)
1. 3  Scan the handwritten hardcopy (printed / paper copy) as a JPEG/PDF file (of maximum size 1 MB)
1 .4  Rename the  Competition copya as >Your Serial No.>= Example: EW117.pdf as  EW117000007352.PDF.
1. 5  Retain the original copy.

Please Note :

  • We have limited entries for each competition from each city & country, we will thus allot only the limited Serial Nos. Please register on time.
  • We regret, Incase you don't get the Serial No.
  • We may also not accept entries on last/closing days/dates due to heavy network traffic.    
  • You may face issues in submitting entries that time, and we may face technical/over-load issues.
  • Your early registration will help us evaluate your entries in a much better way.

Step 2. Submit Your Copy

Submit us your entry copy, strictly within 15 days counting from the date you get your Serial No.
Fill your details in the form "Submit Your Copy [Step 2]" with the required details.

You have to attach the scanned JPEG/PDF soft copy (max size 1MB), renamed as your Serial No. of 14 characters. Example:  EW117000007352.PDF or EW117000007352.JPEG

Only In case you have participated in – English communication Skills (EC) You have to attach Pronounciation Audio File .MP3/3GP soft copy (max size 1MB), renamed as your Serial No. of 14 characters. Example:  EW117000007352.MP3 or EW117000007352.3GP



Please Do not skip this. Click & Read T&C  [Terms & Conditions for Competition Participants]  Link :



Our Expert Panel consists of School/College Principals, Teachers, Experts in the respective areas.

This is how our Expert Panel will select the entries.
1. Candidates with very GOOD Performance. (Round 1)
In each group – Selection age wise
We may ignore knowledge/minor-mistakes as per age group
For Example: Considering abilities and learning/knowledge of small kids (Play group, Junior/Lower/Senior/Upper KG candidates). So the winner can be anybody.

Selection Criteria :
    A. General Criteria For All Competitions
    Submitting & Filling correct, neat & readable details.
    Submitting correct entry copy (as per age group).
    Self done Activity, Original / Real i.e Not copied from any source.
    Submitting Neat, Mistake Free, Clear & Visible Activities to judge.
    Submission on/before the Date/Time alloted i.e. within 15 days.

   B. HANDWRITING Competitions
    How easily the handwriting/details can be read / understood.
    Inclination, Margin, Colour and Layout.
    The smoothness, Grace, and flow of the writing.
    Spacing between letters, words, lines and paragraphs.
    Consistency of letter size (Font-size).
    Accuracy of the sentences or quotes.
    Neatness and General appearance.
    Spelling & Grammar.
    Cursive Joins.
    Uniqueness in writing of different letter.
    Beauty and uniqueness of the handwriting.
    Proper usage of the paper/sheet/entry-copy.
    Selection of appropriate tool (quality of the Pen).
    Above all + Speed of the writing (In Second/Final Round).  

2. The 100 Best entries (Depends/Varies/May increase on the count of participation) from each competition will be selected for Round 2 / Final Round. The best 5 entries from each competition will be contacted and asked to submit/courier us the Original Entry Copy & Date of Birth (DOB) proof.

Every information will be available on our website "Akiseka Edu"  on the respective dates.
3.  Serial Nos of Winners, Certificate+Prize for Very Good Performance will  be published on the website (Results–> All Competition Results)



The Competition Activity can be performed only in Blue or Black Ink. The Group 1 – Juniors can use Pencils.

The Competition copy for performing the activity can be printed in Monochrome (Black & White).

The Competition copy  for submission –
Must be sent only through 'Submit Your Copy [Step 2]' *
Must be Colour scanned for the submission.
Must be send in only .PDF or .JPEG/.JPG formats of maximum 1MB size.
Must be renamed only as your <Serial No.(14 characters)>
Must strictly have only Serial No furnished and the Activity performed as per the Instructions.
Must Strictly not have any personal information like Name, Class, Mobile No etc.

* Only Schools/Colleges can email Bulk/Many copies at a time on



Do Remember: Akiseka Edu Global Competitions – Registration every year begins from 08th– June.

Last Date to get Serial No. : *

Depends on the Limited Serial No Allotments/Registrations from each City and Country (Only Total:100000 registrations from around the world will be accepted). Get your Serial No at the earliest before the Limited Serial No Allotments/Registration Ends!

Round-1 Results : 31st-Jan-2018 

Final Results  :  15th-Feb-2018

Prizes + Certificates : Will reach candidates before 15th-Mar-2018

Preferred dispatching address is School/College-Address. In case of Individual winning participants – it's Home Address.


For any other queries you can write us on

To make our services better than best, we at Akiseka Edu from time to time take suggestions from Experts, Schools, Principals, Teachers, Parents, Guardians, Students & Participants. If you have any suggestions please write us on


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From Schools, Principals, Teachers, Parents, Guardians, Students ..


# It's not surprising to hear 918+ students partcipating from a single school, AE global competitions are really interesting, very easy to participate, and every student would like to register.

# These Competitions are so nice & simplest to participate. People from urban, rural & every corner of the world can participate easily.

# AEGCs are superb examples of Technology + Learning + Knowledge. 

# Appreciate Akiseka Edu's efforts to organize these Global level competitions for Students. Every student should participate.

# As a parent I fell in Love with EW & HW competitions held last year, in 2015. Wish we could have this at our times.

# Very Nice competitions and I will participate every year in all competitions.

# Akiseka Edu Wish you Best of Luck. All competitions are awesome. Just 2 steps participation.

# I just participated for FUN but I  WON a PRIZE & Cert.

# Superb & Amzing ecomptns that too at global level.

# I never thought competitions would be this way e-way and so easy .

# When are the A E Global competitions beginning this year?I missed last year. Please provide dates.

#  Can my son and daughter also participate, they are very interested. I came to know from the school where I teach myself and they study in St. Thomas. Please guide.

# I heard about this competitions , please guide me

# Till date I didn't took IT seriously but now I understood what IT can do, when Akiseka competitions are held in IT way.

# Simply very very interesting competitions that too electronic way ..e-competitions, we never heard this word before.



# Akiseka Edu Products are Simply Superb. And difficult to get 🙂 

# Excellent Idea of ECW & HHW with Very Good Videos …

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# May I ask Whose Hand writings in Eng C W and Hindi H W products. So beautiful.


AKISEKA EDU GLOBAL (International Level) COMPETITIONS: Very Interesting Competitions! All the competitions are REAL-TIME and ONLINE ~ It's Amazing Simple to Participate! Get your Serial No. at the earliest, before the Serial No. allotment in your Country and City ends! Students from around the Globe have started Participating - What are you waiting for?