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Marketing Executive Guide

Welcome – Marketing Executives (MEX) !

This page guides you with everything you are looking for !!

Steps to Register with us.

Step 1.  Download, Read & Understand "MEx_JOB_Profile.PDF" from DOWNLOADS Or  

Step 2.  On this website click Marketing Exec. Regn.  Fill & Send the form – any one Marketing Exec (MEX) Registration/ Reference ID.

You have to now/later, provide your BANK DETAILS (Bank Name, Account Number, Bank IFSC code) for your commission/share payment process when and as required. Applicable only in India – we can also send cheques to your Address.

Marketing Executive do not have to pay Registration fees … It's absolutely free.

Reference ID details will be stored with us. This is the ID you have chosen for yourself. You are eligible for only Gifts (Cash, 1/2/5 grams 24Karat Gold coins, Surprise Gifts)

Types of Marketing Executives at Akiseka Edu:

Marketing Executive LeadMEL : provided only on the basis of performance. Marketing Executive PartnerMEP : offered to entrepreneurs who want's to work along & partnership with us. Marketing Executive AkisekaMEA : provided to Akiseka permanent employees only.

Step 3. You will receive a mail provided with your Marketing Executive Id <MEX Id>. Examples :  MEX12345 (8 Characters).
Step 4. You can now start marketing/adveretising Global-Competitions,  all present and future Akiseka Products just quoting your MEX ID.

If you have any further queries write us on with subject : Query MEX

Everything related to Akiseka products (Product Info, Price Plans, Demos etc) is on our website –> Products & Our Products section.

Please Note : We have created Demos [That are real lessons consisting of Image File (JPEG) + Audio/Video/Attachment]. These Demos are more than enough to convince our Customers. And your Marketing work really becomes very easy.


As a Marketing Executive (Contract/Temporary/Reference ID), you must fill the below forms (for Planned Customer/Particpant/School/College Marketing/Advertising):-

(Otherwise we will not be able to judge your hard work, without your Marketing Executive ID in the Customer's registration form/details or Get Your Serial No (Participant forms for the competitions)


MEx Advertising – Competitions

Fill this form If you have Advertised our competitions to any Single/One Participant/School/College.

You can also DOWNLOAD the Multiple_Compn_Particpants_Form.xls for multiple entries.
Attach & Send this .xls file on with Subject : Multiple_Compn_Participants_Form  from <Your MEX ID)

Purpose of filling this form : If the Competition Particpant/School/College anytime registers & pays by self (through Online/Internet, Cheque, Cash, DD etc) , without your knowledge / without putting your Marketing EX ID, we can still pay you your share/commission.


MEX Customer Visit Form – Products

Fill this form If you have visited a customer and gave information of our products.

You can also DOWNLOAD the Multiple_Customer_Visit_Form.xls for multiple entries.
Attach & Send this .xls file on with Subject : Multiple_Customer_Visit_Form  from <Your MEx ID)

Purpose of filling this form : If the customer anytime registers & pays by self (through Online/Internet, Cheque, Cash, DD etc) , without your knowledge / without putting your Marketing Exec ID, we can still pay you your share/commission.

MEX Customer Regn & Payment form – Products
Fill this form, If you have collected the Cheque payment and the customer has registered. (using For Customers –> Product Registration)

You can also Download the Multiple_Cust_Reg_n_Pay_Form.xls for multiple entries at a time. Fill, Attach & Send this .xls file on with
subject : Multiple_Cust_Reg_n_Pay_Form from <Your MEX ID>

Purpose of filling this form : The Customer may register (through  For Customers –> Product Registration) without  entering your Marketing Exec ID, and we can still pay you your share/commission.

Please Note : The Customer has to separately register for the product (using For Customers –> Product Registration). You are liable to help the Customers regarding the same.


Our Payment Rules to MEX :-

Many Marketing Executive may visit the same customer.

Only Marketing Executive collecting the cheque payment from the customer and filling 'Customer Registration & Payment form ' will be paid the commission/share.

If the customer independently registers & pays (through Online/Internet, Cheque, Cash, DD etc) , without filling Marketing Exec ID, we pay to the Marketing Executive who FIRST filled the 'Customer Visit Form'



Read T&C on the website (for Marketing executives)

About Products

Innovative. Simple language & Easy methods. Researched. Genuine & Real. Colourful. Easy to refer.  High Quality contents. Maximum Quantity contents. Reasonably Priced.  Self & Accurate  learning. Time Saving. Assured Learning. Planned Lessons. Fundamental  coverage.


From Schools, Principals, Teachers, Parents, Guardians, Students ..


# It's not surprising to hear 918+ students partcipating from a single school, AE global competitions are really interesting, very easy to participate, and every student would like to register.

# These Competitions are so nice & simplest to participate. People from urban, rural & every corner of the world can participate easily.

# AEGCs are superb examples of Technology + Learning + Knowledge. 

# Appreciate Akiseka Edu's efforts to organize these Global level competitions for Students. Every student should participate.

# As a parent I fell in Love with EW & HW competitions held last year, in 2015. Wish we could have this at our times.

# Very Nice competitions and I will participate every year in all competitions.

# Akiseka Edu Wish you Best of Luck. All competitions are awesome. Just 2 steps participation.

# I just participated for FUN but I  WON a PRIZE & Cert.

# Superb & Amzing ecomptns that too at global level.

# I never thought competitions would be this way e-way and so easy .

# When are the A E Global competitions beginning this year?I missed last year. Please provide dates.

#  Can my son and daughter also participate, they are very interested. I came to know from the school where I teach myself and they study in St. Thomas. Please guide.

# I heard about this competitions , please guide me

# Till date I didn't took IT seriously but now I understood what IT can do, when Akiseka competitions are held in IT way.

# Simply very very interesting competitions that too electronic way ..e-competitions, we never heard this word before.



# Akiseka Edu Products are Simply Superb. And difficult to get 🙂 

# Excellent Idea of ECW & HHW with Very Good Videos …

# Learning became so easy.

# Hope I get ONE Eng Cursive Writing KIT for my KID.

# Eng Comm SKill : It's a simple n deep way of learning !

# May I ask Whose Hand writings in Eng C W and Hindi H W products. So beautiful.


AKISEKA EDU GLOBAL (International Level) COMPETITIONS: Very Interesting Competitions! All the competitions are REAL-TIME and ONLINE ~ It's Amazing Simple to Participate! Get your Serial No. at the earliest, before the Serial No. allotment in your Country and City ends! Students from around the Globe have started Participating - What are you waiting for?