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We are a growing company,

Within 5 years time we will be having 100+ very innovative IT products & 25+ EDU (e-learning) products.


Software Engineers/Developers : (Vacancies: CLOSED)

We are seeking very Skilled, Talented & Motivated candidates :-

Who can  – Think and Act out of box,

Who can perform any given tasks very quickly, smartly and innovatively.

Who have the hunger of learning and growing.

Whose every minute is precious.

Who are full of positive attitude, and a go getter.

Who are full of Ideas.

Who can automate critical and manual tasks.

Who wants to be future business leaders.


Back office Candidates :  (Vacancies: CLOSED)

We are seeking Computer Literate (preferably in Windows OS, MS-Office) candidates :-

Who can type fast.

Who can get up early morning – as we believe in starting our day as early as possible.

Who are very punctual.

Who can perform any given tasks very quickly, smartly and without mistakes.

Who wishes to learn and grow.

Who wishes to further educate themselves.

Who wants to be future Software Engineers.


Marketing Executives (Full Time) :  (Vacancies: OPEN)

We are seeking Marketing Executive candidates :-

Who can operate smartphones.

Who can speak honestly & politely to Customers (Akiseka believes in – Customer Satisfaction).

Who can communicate and explain well.

Who wants to work dedicatedly as per their convenience.

Who .wishes to further earn and grow.

Who wants to sell world class innovative products and that too in bulk.


Business Development Managers :  (Vacancies: OPEN)

We are seeking Marketing Executive candidates :-

Who can get us sponsors.

Who can help us in developing our business.

Who can help us help us in establishing our presence across the Globe.

Who can help us in increasing our revenues.

Who can – help us in establishing Akiseka Technologies/Akiseka-Edu offices across the Globe/Country.

Who can study the requirements based on Market survey and come up with new conclusions.

Who is Daring, Have the GUTS and Business Acumen.

To know more about this Jobs, download & read  BDM_Job_Profile.PDF  from DOWNLOADS Or


If you think you are the one we are looking for then …

Send your Bio-data / Resume / CV with cover letter to with a cover note answering why do you wish to work with us and what's so special about you?

We  give opportunities on the basis of talent irrespective of sex/gender. Anybody can apply !

We also promise & guarantee you – Work hard with us and prove your talent – You will not only start loving your job, you will start loving Akiseka too !


Part Time Jobs :  (Vacancies: OPEN)

We are looking for Marketing Executives – Freelancers/Part Timers/Full Timers/From Home/Anywhere. No Age/Qualification/Gender-Sex /Any type of Restrictions.

You can earn INR-10000/USD-500 in just 10 hours of dedicated work. Smart + More Hours working =  more Earnings). You can also win surprise Gifts, 1/2/5 grams, 24KT Gold Coin(s).

To know more about this Jobs, download & read  MEx_Job_Profile.PDF  from DOWNLOADS Or

About Products

Innovative. Simple language & Easy methods. Researched. Genuine & Real. Colourful. Easy to refer.  High Quality contents. Maximum Quantity contents. Reasonably Priced.  Self & Accurate  learning. Time Saving. Assured Learning. Planned Lessons. Fundamental  coverage.


From Schools, Principals, Teachers, Parents, Guardians, Students ..


# It's not surprising to hear 918+ students partcipating from a single school, AE global competitions are really interesting, very easy to participate, and every student would like to register.

# These Competitions are so nice & simplest to participate. People from urban, rural & every corner of the world can participate easily.

# AEGCs are superb examples of Technology + Learning + Knowledge. 

# Appreciate Akiseka Edu's efforts to organize these Global level competitions for Students. Every student should participate.

# As a parent I fell in Love with EW & HW competitions held last year, in 2015. Wish we could have this at our times.

# Very Nice competitions and I will participate every year in all competitions.

# Akiseka Edu Wish you Best of Luck. All competitions are awesome. Just 2 steps participation.

# I just participated for FUN but I  WON a PRIZE & Cert.

# Superb & Amzing ecomptns that too at global level.

# I never thought competitions would be this way e-way and so easy .

# When are the A E Global competitions beginning this year?I missed last year. Please provide dates.

#  Can my son and daughter also participate, they are very interested. I came to know from the school where I teach myself and they study in St. Thomas. Please guide.

# I heard about this competitions , please guide me

# Till date I didn't took IT seriously but now I understood what IT can do, when Akiseka competitions are held in IT way.

# Simply very very interesting competitions that too electronic way ..e-competitions, we never heard this word before.



# Akiseka Edu Products are Simply Superb. And difficult to get 🙂 

# Excellent Idea of ECW & HHW with Very Good Videos …

# Learning became so easy.

# Hope I get ONE Eng Cursive Writing KIT for my KID.

# Eng Comm SKill : It's a simple n deep way of learning !

# May I ask Whose Hand writings in Eng C W and Hindi H W products. So beautiful.


AKISEKA EDU GLOBAL (International Level) COMPETITIONS: Very Interesting Competitions! All the competitions are REAL-TIME and ONLINE ~ It's Amazing Simple to Participate! Get your Serial No. at the earliest, before the Serial No. allotment in your Country and City ends! Students from around the Globe have started Participating - What are you waiting for?